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Hacking the Core of PHP

Those who know don't talk.

Those who talk don't know.

Sometimes, PHP "as is" simply isn't enough. Although these cases are rare for the average user, professional applications will soon lead PHP to the edge of its capabilities, in terms of either speed or functionality. New functionality cannot always be implemented natively due to language restrictions and inconveniences that arise when having to carry around a huge library of default code appended to every single script, so another method needs to be found for overcoming these eventual lacks in PHP.

As soon as this point is reached, it's time to touch the heart of PHP and take a look at its core, the C code that makes PHP go.

Table of Contents
40. Overview
41. Extension Possibilities
42. Source Layout
43. PHP's Automatic Build System
44. Creating Extensions
45. Using Extensions
46. Troubleshooting
47. Source Discussion
48. Accepting Arguments
49. Creating Variables
50. Duplicating Variable Contents: The Copy Constructor
51. Returning Values
52. Printing Information
53. Startup and Shutdown Functions
54. Calling User Functions
55. Initialization File Support
56. Where to Go from Here
57. Reference: Some Configuration Macros
58. API Macros
Hacking the Core of PHP

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